Thursday, June 29, 2006

Q Haven Web Site

The new Q Haven web site is now online! This is just a temporary site until we can get one done that is a little more professional, but at least now we have a site! Visit the new web page at:

Our next competition is coming up quickly. We will be heading to Lake Placid, New York and competing in the I love BBQ festival that is being held in the olympic skating oval July 3rd and 4th. This will be a smaller event than the New Hampshire competition where we won Grand Champions. There will probably be around 20 teams, as opposed to the 35 in New Hampshire. I'm really looking forward to spending a few days in Lake Placid, as I have never been there and have heard it is really nice.

I also am viewing this trip as a mini-vacation, which I desperately need. The last two weeks, I have been covering the court martial of a U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadet, who was accused of rape by his former girlfriend. The case was fascinating, but it was long hours and court started early each day, which doesn't agree with me. Also, the last two weeks, I have worked 5 nights each week at my part time gig bartending at the New Haven Country Club. While I like the job and the $$, working over 90 hours a week is a real mental and physical drain.

"OK, enough whining Ted."

It's all out of my system now. But I really am looking forward to the trip. Hopefully we can bring home a little more hardware for the trophy case.

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