Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Almost Go Time

There's a tell tale sign that it's almost time for our first BBQ competition since Lake Placid seven weeks ago: I can't sleep. I found myself staring at the ceiling at five o'clock this morning, running through things that need to be done before I pack the van and head for New Paltz Friday morning.

There is meat that needs to be picked up. Along with beer, last minute supplies and groceries, our new aprons and t-shirts with Q Haven logos will be ready Thursday. Naturally, in normal Ted fashion I have compounded things and have decided to work a bar shift Thursday night (competition BBQ ain't cheap!) and additionally have to help Sheila's sister move a couch into her new condo. Thursday is already shaping up to be what I like to call a "three ring circus" day.

The good news is that after a test cook last night with Cristiaan and Kim, we are confident that we should do well in the Saturday grilling competition. We had already agreed on the pork chop recipe that will be used, but were still very much up in the air about the fish, sausage and steak entries. After trying several combinations, we are confident that we will be able to make some great stuff Saturday.

We have also been practicing for the main event, the KCBS BBQ competition Sunday. We've made some slight changes to our rib and chicken recipes that we hope will score well.

The contest is going to be a great time. There are 39 teams signed up, which will make this our largest event since we began competing in May. There are some "heavy hitters" at the event, including I Smell Smoke, who seems to win every competition they enter these days.

I Smell Smoke!

Also on hand will be Daisy Mae's BBQ, whose pit boss is a French trained, Culinary Institute of America graduate named Adam Perry Lang.

Adam Perry Lang

Between the four of us on Q Haven, we have a grand total of zero days of cooking schooling. Fortunately, foie gras and yellow-fin tuna are not categories in this weekend's events.

We are planning to camp next to Mike Lee and the Yankee BBQ Boys, and hopefully near Ward Mann and Waldo the dog from Hog Heaven BBQ. We are planning a huge feast for Saturday night, and are going to make enough food that basicly anyone who stops by will be able to feast with us. Hopefully we will have good news to report Sunday. Even if we don't win or even place in an individual category, I'm certain we will have a great time this weekend.

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Drew said...

Hey Ted,
Been reading but haven't posted any comments. Just wanted to say good luck this weekend. Smoke em!