Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Next Stop, New Paltz

It was nice to have a weekend off from competing. Four competitions in six weeks was a whole lot of work, and it was good to take a few days and relax before the New Paltz event this coming weekend.

Saturday, Sheila and I took in a comedy show in New York City, and went to the BBQ restaurant RUB afterwards. We didn't arrive to eat until after 10PM, so I'm not sure that we got their best Q. However, we didn't think it was that great.

I had the two meat platter with brisket and chicken for $18, and added St. Louis spare ribs for an additional $6. The ribs were good, but were not very meaty. I liked the brisket, but Sheila thought it was too dry. We both thought the chicken was extremely dry and flavorless.

Sheila had the two meat platter too, with smoked turkey and pork. The pork was definately the best thing we had. We really wanted to try the smoked chunks of bacon appetizer, but they were out of that. They were also out of loin back ribs.

Again, we thought it was good, not great. I really want to try Hill Country next. Next time.

In two days, we leave for New Paltz. Since I had already approved a vacation for one of my employees months ago for this week, I have to work on Friday. However, the only way I can make it work is to switch shifts with another reporter and work the early morning shift. That will require me to be in Hartford by 4:30 AM. Then, after work, I am going to have to drive back to Norwich, grab the trailer and drive to New Paltz. It's going to be a really long day.

I'm trying to figure out a way to drive the camper up to Hartford, then leave directly from there after work. Hopefully I can come up with something....

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