Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big Bubba's BBQ Update

Last year I reviewed Big Bubba's BBQ at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. Since then, they have made some changes to the menu. The menu is somewhat scaled back, but there are still tons of choices, both BBQ and otherwise. Overall, I stand by the previous review, as the BBQ choices have remained pretty much the same, and the good quality is still there.

The first noticable change is that the prices have gone up pretty much across the board. The menu has not been updated on line, so it does not reflect there yet. However, the two meat combos and the rib, brisket and pork platters that come with two sides are now $19.95. They were $16.95 on the old menu.

One positive addition is that of baby back ribs, which were not offered on the previous menu (but were available sometimes as specials). We've been to Bubba's three times since the new menu came out, and I've had the ribs twice. I give them a thumbs up. They do not remove the membrane from their ribs, but they are tender and smoky.

They have removed the Kentucky lamb from the menu too. I always told myself that I would try it, and never did. Some that I talked to really liked it.

I can also recommend the Bubbarita, which is a margarita the way it is supposed to be, served in a pint glass.

I still stand by my previous comments that Big Bubba's is the best Q I have found in Connecticut. Better than the Cookhouse in my opinion, although I know many disagree with me on that one. Maybe it's because I can actually see Mohegan Sun from our perch where we live overlooking Norwich Harbor.

I recommend that you try Big Bubba's if you are at the casino. Hitting a slot jackpot too will make the high prices a lot easier to stomach.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ted-

I lived in CT for a couple years. Check out this place when you get a minute:

I remember it was pretty good but that was also before I got into competing....


Ted Lorson said...

Hi Dan,

I work in Hartford so I'll have to tryand get over there. In the meantime, Gary from reviewed Danny's Little Taste of Texas last year. here's a link to his review.