Wednesday, April 09, 2008

BBQ Guru Follow Up

I just wanted to follow up on Sunday's first cook with the BBQ Guru.

I loaded the charcoal pan for the Backwoods party pretty full with Kingsford and wood chunks, but I definitely could have gotten more in there. I set up the Guru blower, plugged everything in, and clipped the temperature probe in the middle of the cooking area. Third rack from the top.

I set the Guru temperature to 225 and started around 15 briquettes and placed them in the charcoal basket in the corner next to where the blower was. Slowly, the temperature climbed to 225, and it just stuck there. For three hours. Then I opened and foiled two racks, and left a third in unfoiled.

Closed back up, around 10 minutes later it was back at 225. Stayed there for another hour and a half.

Once the ribs were glazed and pulled, I closed up again and left it empty. Another hour at 225 until I decided to shut it down. Incredible. I can't wait to try this out on an overnight cook to see exactly how many hours it will go before having to add fuel. One thing is sure, I will be able to sleep very well at contests with the Guru minding the store.

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