Sunday, May 10, 2009

Competition Cooking Class

Went up to Maynard, Mass for the New England Barbecue Society competition BBQ class. This was a two day affair, but I only came up Saturday. I did a short talk on finding information about competition BBQ on the Internet, and teamed up with Mike Boisvert of Lakeside Smokers for the brisket prep demo. Overall, it was a fun day. Click the link below for pictures.


Sledneck said...

I like it! How many attended the class? I think something down here in the metro NY area is needed. How can I get more details on organizing something like that?

Ted Lorson said...

There were 12 students. There were a few that I am certain will be out on the circuit very soon. I'm sure people at NEBS would be happy to help arrange one in NY.