Monday, October 12, 2009

Abbott's, Lobster in The Rough

Went to one of Connecticut's more famous lobster spots Sunday. Abbott's, Lobster in the Rough is located in the Noank section of Groton, not far from Mystic. I had heard a lot about the place since moving to Eastern Connecticut, and this being their last weekend of operation until winter shutdown we decided to check it out.
Abbott's is right on the shore, and you have to take a few narrow streets through this quaint little village to get there. Being October, the crowds were nothing like what I had heard in the summer, where the place is just packed. We were able to go right to the booth and order, a process that is apparently very difficult in the summer.
This is the line on a Sunday in October. Might have been a little longer because it was their closing weekend

The location is really nice. Right on the Long Island Sound, there are great views all around. Boaters can actually sail right to the place and tie up, chow down and sail off.
You can eat inside or out at picnic tables scattered on the grounds, along with several that are out on the pier.

I decided to have what Abbott's is famous for, the hot lobster roll. At most places in New England, a lobster roll is served on a hot dog style roll. Not here, as theirs is served on a hamburger roll with about a lobster's worth of meat on each sandwich. At $12.95 it was not a bad deal.

I really enjoyed the lobster roll. Not too buttery, really just a pile of warm lobster on a sandwich roll. Simple, delicious.

Sheila got the tuna fish roll, which was more mayo than tuna and she said "tasted like Miracle Whip." We split an order of shrimp cocktail, which were of the peel and eat variety. I don't like peeling shrimp, but they were really good, fresh, cold and crisp.

Max enjoyed his grilled cheese too. They even have their own potato chips!

For the real lobster heads, they sell whole lobsters too in a variety of sizes. Here's the menu (if you can read it!)

We had a nice time, our little family on a Sunday afternoon at Abbott's. Max particularly liked watching the huge striped bass that were swimming to the surface and snapping up crackers thrown by the kids!

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