Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Contest Sites

I've been thinking a lot about contest sites lately. Our contest sites sure have evolved in our three years of competition BBQ. This first picture below was taken at our first contest in Rhode Island in May of 2006. What you see is what we brought, which wasn't much. Notice the old style radio. Overall, looking back, we were pretty well prepared for that first contest, although that cheap ass pop up tent did not survive the weekend.

This next picture below was our second contest, New Hampshire Rock-N-Ribfest 2006. I added two new EZ Ups and made a sign myself. We also added more teammates and the tremendous amount of clutter that comes with them. I look at the slovenly site below and cannot believe that we won that contest.

Fast forward to Lake Placid, 2006, our third contest. Used winnings from New Hampshire to buy another WSM, a banner and for a logo design. This below would be our team look for a few contests.

This next one below is from the Jack 2006.

Next is our first contest of 2007. Here we have added the RV, our toy hauler.

By New Paltz, 2007, I settled on the base setup below that we still use to this day. I really like this setup, it's functional, even in a tight 20 foot by 20 foot site.

This below is the last contest we cooked, Harpoon 2009. I felt this site was very functional for vending, and still looked pretty good. The clutter is greatly eliminated.

I have some ideas for our 2010 contest sites. Also, I have finally picked up a couple of banners with the team logo on it. We may not score well but our site will look great!

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Chris said...

Interesting evolution of Camp Q Haven, especially how you ended up finding that "less is more" in some cases. Thanks for posting.