Friday, May 28, 2010

Yankee Stadium Visit

Yes, they served BBQ...

Bbq at Yankee Stadium.

I didn't try it during my first ever visit to the new Yankee Stadium, but we shared a table in the food court with someone who had it. They shared a fried pickle with us and it was actually pretty good. They seemed to like the pulled chicken and pork sandwiches.

Overall the new Yankee Stadium has a crazy assortment of food choices. Here are just some of the other concessions, each with their own space: Nathan's hot dogs, Johnny Rocket's burgers, Famiglia's Pizza, sushi, Chinese food, Philly cheesesteaks, NYY Steak, italian sausage, ice cream, and others. And that's just the booth concessions, then there are the actual sit down restaurants. There is of course the Stadium Club, a Hard Rock Cafe, NYY Steak, and Mohegan Sun Sports Cafe. Our seats were in the Mohegan Sun Sports Cafe seating area.

As a baseball fan who wants to see the game, I did not particularly care for these seats. They are supposed to be the Yankee answer to the Monster Seats at Fenway Park, offering fans a chance to literally sit on the center field fence and watch the game. Just like the Monster seats, there is table service at the seats. here's the view.

Unfortunately, these seats miss the mark for me because they are completely indoors, behind darkened glass. It is very difficult to see the baseball, and the only sounds you hear are sports bar chatter and the piped in sounds of the Yes Network broadcasters. Thank god it is YES and not the radio disaster of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.

Ironically they pipe the radio broadcast into the bathrooms. That makes sense to me.

You are better off going to a sports bar and saving the $90 before having your actual seats in the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar. Just my opinion.

The good news is that you can come in to the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar to eat without having tickets for it. I would go and check out the view, and the lollipop chicken wings ($14) were very good.

I can hardly say the same about my "steak" sandwich at the NYY Steak concession stand. At $15 this was the most expensive sandwich I saw in the stadium, so I figured this would be really good. Couldn't have been more wrong. Was basicly deli roast beef. sliced too thick rendering the meat tough, submerged in beef broth, then served on a bare kaiser roll. Dry, flavorless. And all they had on the condiment table was mustard and ketchup, so I had to put ketchup on it to make the sandwich edible. Sandwich and soda, $21. What a disappointment. Here it is.

My sister had a Philly cheesesteak. At $10.50 this was a bargain. Large sandwich on a sub roll with plenty of steak umm on there, and you can choose your cheeses and whether or not to have grilled onions. This is a far cry from Johnny Rockets, where they will not give you a $10 hamburger without American cheese on it (was told "we don't cook to order here.")

On the positive side, all the concession lines moved super fast. You can see the field from pretty much anywhere in the concession concourse. If you don't like your seats, you can pretty much watch from anywhere if you are willing to stand. The huge screen in center field is probably the coolest thing ever, this massive TV screen with the picture quality of the best HDTV you can buy.

I personally preferred the original stadium. It was all about the baseball there. It ias been reduced to a huge debris field next door to the new money making machine.

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