Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Cook

It's gameday, as the New York football Giants are taking on the hated Dallas Cowboys in NFL playoff action this afternoon. To honor this occasion, I have two pork butts going in the Backwoods. I'm working on a new pork recipe for the upcoming competition season, and this is the first real test.

I also have a pot of chili going. That will be ready during the game, the pork won't be until afterwards, because I wasn't able to drag myself out of bed until 7AM to start the fire.

I'll try to throw some pictures up when everything is done.

Go Giants!


Eric Devlin said...

You are making exactly the same meal this weekend, right? After the Giants win last week, I don't want anything to change.

Was it brisket chili?


Ted Lorson said...

It wasn't brisket chili. For the meat, I used around two pounds of sirloin tips, around a pound of ground beef and a chicken breast that I threw in there because it was in the freezer and I was tired of looking at it.

I don't want to change anything either. I will be making the chili again for sure. Not sure I want to do another 16 hour pork cook, but I have a whole butt left over and can have some of that. I hope that's close enough.

If the Giants can pull it off, I may be heading to Arizona for the Super Bowl, thanks to a friend with connections. GO BIG BLUE!