Friday, June 20, 2008

Merrimack This Weekend

The New England Rock-N-Ribfest is this weekend, and we won't be there.

When we were planning this season, we were on the fence about whether to cook any events in June, knowing that Sheila would be eight months pregnant. After much consideration, we decided that it was important that we be close to home rather than hundreds of miles away at a competition in case anything happened.

Sheila is fine, granted a little uncomfortable at times but everything is going well. While I wish we were up in New Hampshire, I don't have any regrets. We have our whole lives to compete (despite what so many people say, that we will not be able to live any more because of the baby, which I say is BS).

Since everything is going well with the baby, there is a good chance that I will be able to go to Harpoon for most of the weekend. Also, we have decided to attend the Hudson Valley Ribfest in New Paltz, New York in August. We will be getting an RV spot there, so there is a chance that if all is well, our baby may be there for his first competition!

So good luck to all my BBQ friends who are competing this weekend in New Hampshire. I'll be there in spirit rooting you on.


Anonymous said...

We wish you guys could be there this weekend!

Kris and Mike

lunchlady said...

Don't worry Ted... you just can't cook 'em all. Hope everything is going well and we, too, were in NH in spirit, although I was happy to actually be home one weekend, opening the pool, mowing the lawn and pretending that someone lives in this otherwise summertime-abandoned house.
See you ALL soon...