Thursday, December 04, 2008

Daisy May's BBQ, NYC

Not a full review or anything, but had a few hours to kill in NYC today and headed over to Daisy May's BBQ. I really was just craving the chili, which is just awesome. Got the chili and figured since I was already there, a half rack of Memphis dry rubbed spare ribs.

The chili was everything I remembered and then some. Served with cheddar cheese, red onion and sour cream. Big chunks of beef. Still my favorite chili.

The ribs were really spicy. I like them spicy so it was all good. The flavor profile reminded me a little of my competition rib, so that was a good sign.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures....

I love sweet tea, so I gave that a try. It came in a large mason jar, ice cold, with a sprig of mint. My new favorite place for sweet tea!

Ate half the chili and half the ribs, brought the rest home. That means I will be having a great lunch at work tomorrow!
Click HERE for the post about my previous visit to Daisy May's.


WhiteTrashBBQ said...

You come to NY and don't call. Ya ain't got no respect ya bum!

Ted Lorson said...

Well technically I was working. I was the escort for a bus trip to Radio City's Christmas show for my wife's travel agency. I had no interest in going to the show so while it was going on I walked over to 11th Ave for some Daisy May's.