Friday, January 09, 2009

Finally, Cooking Again

Tomorrow, I'm finally breaking out the Backwoods tomorrow to do a little BBQing. Sheila is going away tomorrow and Sunday, going to Florida on business (poor baby) so I will be hunkered down with Max all weekend. Hopefully he will be doing better, he came home from day care yesterday with a 104 fever, so the last day or so has been real rough. He's doing better though, but I've heard enough screaming for the time being.

Next weekend is my brother Cristiaan's engagement party. I'm cooking the pulled pork, and decided smoke it this weekend and hold it for the party. I have done this a few times before, and it has always turned out great. Doing four butts.

I also picked up a few beef short ribs to throw in the smoker for me to have for dinner tomorrow. When it is all done, I'll try to post some pictures. Hopefully, I'll be able to find our camera, which is currently MIA....

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