Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Good Start

Cooked the BBQ Bailout, a one day contest in Maynard, Massachusetts today and got the 2009 season off to a pretty good start. 3rd place ribs, 4th place sausage and 5th place flank steak, 5th overall. Might have been even better if we hadn't come in DEAD ASS LAST in chicken! That's a first for me, I had never come in dead last in a category before. Long story short, I tried something different and it failed miserably.

Overall, it was a great time. Thanks to Steve Farrin, Mike Boisvert and Brendan Burek for slapping this together on late notice and making this a fun event for all!

I'll put up a full wrapup of the contest in the next day or two.
Photo shamelessly stolen from BBQ Bailout web site. Visit that site for more photos.

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