Monday, November 22, 2010

Rose City BBQ Festival

A new BBQ/grilling event is coming to Connecticut! The Norwich Rotary Club is organizing the Rose City BBQ Festival, which will be held Saturday, May 7th at Dodd Stadium in Norwich. The event will feature a New England Barbecue Society sanctioned grilling contest, a people's choice chicken wings contest, food vendors and more.

The good folks at Dodd Stadium have agreed to let us use the entire facility for the day, and batting practce will be available for the children. Hopefully they will let some of the big kids like me take a few cuts too!

The grilling contest categories have not yet been finalized, but will likely be chicken, pork ribs, sausage and chef's choice. The entry fee will likely be $100, and we hope to offer at least $3,000 in prize money.

The people's choice chicken wing contest: teams will be given enough wings to cook to fill a foil half pan , which will be delivered to a central location for sampling and voting by the public. This will be a blind judging event with an even playing field.

The application for teams and judges should be out soon. We think this is going to be a great event!

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Roxanna said...

I've always wanted to join grilling contests. Now that I have my own weber barbecue accessories, I'm confident that my dishes will come out better than before. But that's in Connecticut, right? It's too far from here. Plus, I'm very much busy with raising my kids and feeding my wonderful husband (who just gave me a weber bbq cover last week), so I guess I can only apply my grilling skills to family meals for now. I hope I get to join a contest someday.