Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jiminy Peak Contest Moved

The BBQ competition scheduled for this coming weekend at the Jiminy Peak Ski Area has been Moved to the Maynard Rod and Gun Club in Maynard, MA.

The explanation we have been given is that since they are having such a good ski season, they don't want to sacrifice parking space and other resources for the weekend.

We apologize to all our family in the Albany area who had planned to come, along with other family and friends who made plans to come that have now been forced to change with so little notice.

Anyway, I guess the good news is that the contest is still on. Logistically, it is actually a lot better for me with the new location, as the place the camper is stored is right along the way. Hopefully this will be the last change and the event will go off as planned.


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Ted Lorson said...

Previous post was edited. I was poking a little fun at the situation and ruffled some feathers, so I edited it down.

Hopefully everyone else took it with the tounge in cheek humor in which it was intended.