Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally A Connecticut Contest!

This weekend, Q Haven will be competing in my home state of Connecticut for the first time since I started cooking contests in 2006. It's the Blues, Views and BBQ in Westport. It should be a very interesting weekend to say the least.

As of now there are 30 teams signed up for the contest. That's a great showing for a first time event, with a few factors playing into it. One, it seems like it is going to be a pretty cool event. Two, pretty good prize money. Three, as things stand now it is an automatic qualifier for the Jack. However, that could change if there is another Connecticut contest added between now and September first of next year. But I have heard nothing, so it is very likely that whoever wins will know that they are going to Lynchburg in October of 2009.

Anyway, I am excited for this one. It may be our last contest of 2008, so I really want to do well as I get ready for the long winter off season.

We will be arriving in Westport Friday night. I'm taking Friday off work so I do not have to go nuts getting ready all day.

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