Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Jack Draw

The Jack draw was today. We weren't in it. Bummer....

Actually, Q Haven came pretty close. We missed an automatic bid to the Jack at Harpoon by 2.2 points. So close, but yet so far.

I am not complaining though, as it can go both ways. When we won the New Hampshire state championship in June of 2006, our score was 632.0002. The team we beat, BS BBQ, had a score of 632.0000. Two ten thousandths of a percentage point. That must have been tough on them, but because of it we went to the Jack.

I really want to go back someday. When we went in 2006, I was so new to the competition scene that I don't think I quite appreciated it. We kind of did our own thing, and did not really spend a whole lot of time with the great teams that were there. It did not help a lot that the first two days it poured like crazy.

This year, only three New England teams are qualified. But if you could pick three New England teams out of the pool, most would pick the three that are going, I Smell Smoke!!!, iQue and Lunchmeat. Congratulations to all three teams, I wish you the best of luck down there!

Hopefully at this time next year, we will be in the draw with a chance to go back.

For a flashback post, click HERE to read about our trip to the Jack in 2006.

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