Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cost of Competing #2

Case Study #2: Snowshoe Grilling Challenge
Abington, Mass. March 29, 2008

Unlike the FYBO, the Snowshoe was a straight grilling contest, with the categories of fish steak, sausage fatty, beef of any kind and vegetable.

- Entry Fee: $35
- Fish Category: $41
- Fattie Category: $15
- Beef Category: $34
- Vegetable Category: $19
- Garnish: $10
- Gas $50
- Total: $194
- Prize Money: 0
- Calls: 0
- Trophies: 0

Net: $-194

Since this was a one day grilling event and the drive was less than two hours, there was no need to bring the trailer, which saved a lot in gas. We clearly overspent on the fish and beef categories. Was a fun contest, and grilling events are a crap shoot when it comes to scoring. Fortunately, there was no "other" column at this contest, because we were able to do the event with all existing resources, ie foil pans, gloves, charcoal, wood, etc.

Next up will be a look at the Oyster Bay contest earlier this month, with a much more depressing bottom line!

By the way, I've had a brisket on since midnight, and will post some pictures of the finished product tonight.

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