Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Getting Ready For Oyster Bay

We are heading down to Oyster Bay, Long Island this weekend for the Smoke n' Steam Grilling Contest. As Sheila is almost seven months pregnant, this will be our last contest until after the baby comes.

This should be a fun event. I've never been to Oyster Bay, but I hear it is really nice. We are leaving after work Friday, and are staying in a hotel Friday night near the contest site. We had considered driving up early Saturday morning, but that would have required us leaving at around 4 AM in order to get there early enough. That would have been a long day. Staying overnight Friday will allow us to be well rested for the contest.

The categories are beef steak, pork chop, chicken and oysters. I'm happy with the recipies I have come up with for the weekend, and hopefully we will do well. If not, it will be a long drive home afterwards.

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