Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Cost Of Competition BBQ

My next few posts will explore the costs of competing on the BBQ circuit. I decided that this year, I would keep much closer tabs on what I spend on each competition, mostly just for my own curiosity. But I think some may find it interesting, especially those thinking about competing for the first time.

Case Study #1: The Freeze Your Butt Off BBQ Competition, Maynard, Massachusetts, March 1 and 2, 2008

- Entry Fee: $135
- Ribs (4 racks loin backs) $36
- Brisket (1 full packer and 1 flat) $41
- Pork (2 Boston butts) $20
- Chicken (16 chicken thighs) $15
- Iron Chef: $0
- Garnish: $20
- Gas $100
- Other $92
- Total Expenses: $459

- Prize Money: $0
- Calls: Chicken 4th, Pork 4th, Brisket 5th
- Trophies: 3 medals

Total: $-459

The "other" category includes a pro-rated estimate for rubs, sauce, injections, charcoal, wood and other BBQ related expenses only. I did not count the amounts spent on our personal food, beer, etc. This is only a look at costs associated with the actual competition. Also, there was no vending at this contest, as it was really just an event for the teams, not the general public. So there was very little chance to bring in any money.

The calls we got were for medals only and no cash. I believe cash was paid for category winners only in this contest. But to me, this event was more about practice and hanging out with friends, so overall I deemed it a success.

Next up, I will break down the Snowshoe Grilling Contest that took place at the end of March.


Transformer BBQ said...
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pigtrip said...

There's also the startup costs, like tents, tables, smokers, knives, etc., and in your case, the camper. And if you took a vacation day either beforehand to prepare or afterward to recuperate, that has a cost too. Competition barbecue is a huge commitment, and on the days I wear my judge's hat I respect that commitment tremendously.

Ernest said...

Mills once said. "You know how I count those trophies? one thousand, two thousand, three thousand. That's how much it cost me each time." LOL

Try doing it when your cooking 5 Briskets, 12 Racks of ribs, 12 Chickens and such so you can choose the best for the box and give the rest away. Costs go up.