Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Brisket

Cooked this brisket beginning at 12:15AM Sunday, took it off mid afternoon. Overall it came out pretty good, a little too tender though. But I will take a slightly over-tender brisket over a tough one any day!


Jared said...

That brisket looks great. You are definitely better off erring on the side of tender as opposed to making it too tough.

Ernest said...

I just realized something about you. You are too hard on yourself. I KNOW brisket. I know how to consistently maker a good one too. I am looking at your picture and the ring is perfection... so you got that down. Next is the moistness... unless you drenched it b4 taking the pic it looks good too. so whats left is texture. you say it was too tender... which often happens with ribs but less with Brisket though it can happen. But if you can slice it like i see there, at that thickness without it falling apart (and I use a Pizza knife with only downward pressure myself) you are SPOT FREAKIN ON!!! I am not blowing smoke up your ass either. Don't go screwing around with the texture buddy. Lets just hope your not smoking it too long at too low a temp and the taste is good. Of course this assumes you are judging yourself on texture properly.

Pitmaster "T"
Oakdale Ct