Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dead @$$ Last!

Well, almost.

If it were not for one of the teams missing a turn in time, that's exactly what we would have been at the Oyster Bay Smoke and Steam Grilling Competition Saturday on Long Island. We finished 11th out of 12 teams for the event, including dead last for beef steak, second to last for chicken and 10th of 12 for oysters.

I am not really happy with the results but hey, what can you do. Overall, we had a good time at the contest, the weather was great, we got to hang out with some friends and made a few new ones, so the weekend was not a total loss at all.

I will put together a full recap of the contest in the next few days. Check and click pics as I will upload pictures from the event right after I post this.


SIDE said...

I was right down there with you, Ted! Funny we were at top of the pack last time around!

It was great to see you two and the baby bump! Evan will have a new friend in Sayville this year!

- Clint

Ted Lorson said...

I was as surprised by your finish as I was by mine. I told one of the reporters before the event that I thought you and Transformer were the favorites to win the whole event.

Eric Devlin said...

I think that you were shaking out all of your Long Island Bad Luck prior to Sayville.

I hope you had a good time in spite of your anomalous finish.